Fencing Classes

Fencing MidSouth runs a fencing training programme in schools around Christchurch. We work in conjunction with the schools to provide fencing as an option at the school.

The classes are coached by our older and more experienced youth fencers, mostly year 13 or older, with oversight by senior coaches from MidSouth. Our junior coaches themselves are part of a coaching development programme being run by MidSouth and are part of our high performance fencing squad. All our junior and senior coaches have international experience. One of our senior coaches represented New Zealand at the Olympics, and one of our junior coaches at the Youth Olympics.

Children who want to continue with fencing will be encouraged continue with their school class as well as have individual lessons and to join a club, where they will be able to fence with a wider range of fencers, and receive more opportunities for coaching and development.


Classes are run at the following schools:

Monday 3:30pm Medbury
Tuesday 3:30pm Selwyn House; Burnside High (terms 2 and 3)
Wednesday 4:00pm The Fencing Institute
Friday 3:30pm Medbury; Burnside High (terms 2 and 3)

For information about how to join these classes contact the relevant school, or email our training coordinator.


Fencing Class newsletter 3

Check out the new newsletter for important end-of-term information; dates for next term; highlights from recent competitions and lots more! Again, your coach has a copy, or get it here.

Fencing Class newsletter 2

Newsletter number two is available with information about up-coming competitions and events that school fencers might be interested in. See your coach for a copy, or get it here.

Fencing Classes

This year Fencing MidSouth has been given an opportunity to run a centrally-organised fencing training programme. Classes have started but it's not to late to join. More information is available on our Clubs and Training page.

Our first newsletter for fencing classes is out now, being handed out at classes and available here.