Benefits of membership

  • Participation in local and national fencing events, both social and competitive, as a fencer, coach, referee or manager.
  • Gain a national ranking.
  • Eligibility for selection to represent Mid-South or New Zealand.
  • Participation in training events.
  • Communication from Fencing MidSouth regarding up-coming competitions, training, activities etc

How to join

In 2017 Fencing New Zealand has introduced a centralised registration system for all the regions in NZ. To register for this year go to the FENZ registration page, select Fencing Mid South, and follow the instructions.

When you are asked to specify your Fencing Club, if you fence only for (or at) your school, select "Other". You can specify you school in the following box.

If you became a member to fence in the U13 Inter-cities Competition last December, you have already paid for your membership. You will be sent a separate email with a code to enter into the system as part of your registration.

If you have already updated your membership via the Mid-South revolution sport site, an email will be sent with a code to activate your membership in the central registration system also.